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Penguins Dataset as Alternative to Iris Dataset for Data Science

Are you bored of the Iris dataset?

In this video, I will be showing how you can use the Penguins dataset as an alternative to the Iris dataset for learning and teaching data science. The Penguins dataset has similar characteristics to the Iris dataset while also having its own unique strengths that will augment your learning experience.

Palmer Penguins Dataset

🔹Data Dimension/Size: 344 Rows and 7 Columns

🔹7 Columns consists of 4 quantitative variables and 3 qualitative variables

🔹4 quantitative variables: bill_length_mm, bill_depth_mm, flipper_length_mm and body_mass_g

🔹3 qualitative variables: species, island and sex

🔹species (Adelie, Chinstrap and Gentoo)

🔹island (Biscoe, Dream and Torgersen)

🔹sex (male and female)

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